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Cancer Screening Saves Lives!

Cancer Screening Saves Lives! Did you know that? -When colorectal cancer is detected early there is a 90% chance of being cured -Cervical cancer is almost entirely preventable with regular Pap tests, follow-ups and immunization -When breast cancer is detected early, most women (90%) recover fully after treatment   If a cancer is found early through regular screening, it can require less invasive treatment and shorter periods of time [...]

12 Questions To Prepare For Fall’s Chemical Handling [...]

From September 19 to October 31, Ministry of Labour inspectors will fan out across the province, visiting workplaces to check records, observe, and ask questions about their chemical handling practices. With help from WSPS occupational hygienist Ilma Bhunnoo, WSPS eNews poses 12 sample questions that can help you assess the comprehensiveness of your chemical handling program. Ask yourself these questions with the spirit of the blitz in mind: [...]

CNO By-Law on Professional Liability Insurance Passed

In June Council approved the publication and circulation of a proposed new Article 44.4 requiring all members of the General, Extended, Temporary, Special Assignment and Emergency Assignment classes to maintain Professional Liability Protection (PLP). The proposed by-law specified a variety of options for members to obtain PLP coverage including employer coverage, membership in an association or private insurance. It also specified the coverage [...]