About Us & Membership Information



While you are providing on-the-job health care services for your company, OOHNA is on the job providing professional support for YOU.

Since 1971, OOHNA has been the professional organization for registered nurses who provide occupational health care for Ontario's workers. We began as an affiliation of local groups of occupational health nurses, and in 1973 we formally incorporated as a not-for-profit organization. From the beginning, our association has been run entirely by and for the people it serves.

Today, we number over 800 members, proudly representing the vast majority of registered nurses who work in the occupational health field in Ontario.

You qualify for membership in OOHNA if you are a Registered Nurse holding a current license and are practising in a Canadian province or territory OR if you are a registered nurse and have an interest in Occupational Health Nursing.

Membership benefits include:

  • Continuing professional development activities
  • Legal expense and Professional Liability Insurance
  • Pro Bono legal assistance at no extra charge
  • Salary Survey
  • Access to a resource library, career postings, news and events and other resources related to your scope of practice
  • Peer-to-peer support 
  • Internationally recognized Journal of the Ontario Occupational Health Nurses, published two (2) times a year
  • Bi-monthly Newsletter, Xpress (keeping you up-to-date on current issues and activities)
  • Leads to business contacts that can result in new business opportunities
  • Lobbying
  • Education Funding

Membership in The Ontario Occupational Health Nurses Association is for one year and expires December 30th of each year. Membership is also available at a pro-rated fee from July 1 - December. Renewals are due December of each year. 

STUDENTS enrolled in a Nursing Program can apply for a complimentary membership with proof of Full Time Attendance. For more information, please click the following link: