Targeted Email Advertising

Whether you are an employer looking for an Occupational Health Nurse, or a company wanting to inform OHNs about your products and services, OOHNA allows you to target your message to over 85% of the OHNs in Ontario for very reasonable rates.

Cost varies by the number of postal code areas you select. Please download the Advertising Rates for 2017 from the right-hand column.

Print and Web Advertising

OOHNA accepts Web, Journal and Newsletter advertising. Please download Advertising & Sponsorship rates and OOHNA Journal Ad rates from the right-hand column.


From annual conference and webinars to newsletter and web bannering, OOHNA offers many exciting advertising opportunities designed to maximize your company’s exposure. Please download Advertising & Sponsorship opportunities from the right-hand column.

For more information on the above opportunities, please download the attachments from the right-column or email the OOHNA Office at:

Ontario Occupational Health Nurses Association Advertising Policy

The Ontario Occupational Health Nurses Association does not knowingly carry false or misleading advertising, nor will it carry advertising that is contrary to the business interest of the Association. Appearance of an advertisement in any of its communication vehicles does not imply endorsement of the company, person, product or service advertised, either by the communication vehicle or the Association. Further, the Association will not accept what it regards as destructive advertising. This includes but is not limited to advertisements promoting alcohol, tobacco and armament products. The OOHNA Editorial Board, the OOHNA Board of Directors, the Managing Editor and the Technical Editor reserve the right to accept or reject advertising at their sole discretion.