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12 Questions To Prepare For Fall’s Chemical Handling [...]

From September 19 to October 31, Ministry of Labour inspectors will fan out across the province, visiting workplaces to check records, observe, and ask questions about their chemical handling practices. With help from WSPS occupational hygienist Ilma Bhunnoo, WSPS eNews poses 12 sample questions that can help you assess the comprehensiveness of your chemical handling program. Ask yourself these questions with the spirit of the blitz in mind: [...]

New Website for Parents of Young Workers - Bring Safety [...]

CNW, Toronto/June 28th, 2016 Workplace Safety and Prevention Services (WSPS) in association with The Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) today announced a website that will focus specifically on helping parents and other adult influencers of young workers play a more significant role in their workplace safety. Rather than take the more prescriptive approach that current resources offer, Bring Safety Home ( features a range [...]

Proposed Occupational Health and Safety Accreditation [...]

The Ministry of Labour is consulting on a proposed Occupational Health and Safety Accreditation Standard that could form the basis of a voluntary accreditation program. The Ministry is seeking feedback on the health and safety elements contained in the draft standard, as well as on the design of a future accreditation scheme. For information on the proposal, as well as details on how to submit comments or feedback, please visit the Ministry’s [...]

Influenza Vaccine 2016/17 (UIIP)

The annual prequalification package for the 2016/2017 Universal Influenza Immunization Program (UIIP) is now available. Organizations interested in participating in Ontario's 2016/17 Universal Influenza Immunization Program (UIIP) are required to complete the annual application process in order to receive and administer publicly funded influenza vaccine. This year the application period will begin May 20, 2016 with a closing date of June [...]

Ministry of Labour Consulting on Hazardous Substances

The Ministry of Labour is consulting on proposed changes affecting the control of hazardous substances under the Occupational Health and Safety Act .   See links below for more information on this proposal.