Disability Management

Employers and Occupational Health Nurses know that absenteeism is costly because it directly affects the productivity and culture of the workplace. Disability Management is a systematic and active strategy to reduce absenteeism. Using the knowledge, experience and principles of disability management best practices, OHNs can develop and implement the required policies and procedures.

What we do
  • Ensure early and safe return to work following injury / illness to optimal medical function
  • Establish a disability management program that could include:
    • Policies and procedures to assist in managing job suitability with potential task modifications
    • Worker / workplace accommodation
    • Modified work programs
    • Manager, supervisor, employee and union training on the process and benefit of return to work
    • Workplace trends and cost monitoring
  • Reduction of WSIB premiums and prevention of penalties
  • Improvement in co-operation among employer, employee & union
  • Legislation (e.g. Human rights, Workplace Safety Insurance Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act.