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Current and upcoming OOHNA Education Events (Conference, Webinars & Workshops) can be viewed from the above Education & Events drop-down menu.

If you're interested in taking Occupational Health Nursing programs please download the Educational Resource list from the right side column.  This list identifies the Colleges and Universities offering Occupational Health programs including distance education. You may also link directly to each College or University of interest to request specific information on their programs.

Disclaimer:  While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this material, OOHNA assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. The material is intended only as a guide and may not address all needs or situations. Additional courses may be available in other provinces, or through other health and safety organizations. The responsibility for assessing and determining actions rests solely with the individual.

Certification – Canada & US

The CNA has changed its requirements for the documentation of continuous learning hours.
Each learning activity listed on the form (both new and renewal) MUST INCLUDE THE COMPETENCY NUMBER (based on the COHN(C) list of competencies).
This list of competencies is found on the CNA website:
Print this list and retain it for your information to ensure any continuous learning you undertake is assigned a competency number.
Alternatively, use this procedure:
Visit then click on "Be Certified” from the left hand menu. Next choose "Competencies & Bibliographies” from the next left hand menu. Finally, click on "Occupational Health Nursing” from the list of specialties on the right hand side of the screen. You’ve reached the needed document: "Occupational Health Nursing Certification”. From this document, you can "search” for your topic (e.g. Audiometry to find the competency number)
OOHNA will be assigning competency numbers to OOHNA conference sessions and workshops.
Example of assigning a competency number:
You take an Audiometry course and have to assign a competency number. On page 5 of the competencies document you find Audiometry listed as # 3.2.3.c. This is the competency number you will enter on your certification or re-certification form.
It is a good idea to assign the competency number when you take the course, rather than wait until you are certifying/re-certifying. Keep your records up-to-date to avoid last minute stress.
Questions? For further clarification please contact the Occupational Health Nursing Certification Coordinator at the CNA (1-800-361-8404 or E: