Please join OOHNA for another successful year

Please join OOHNA for another successful year by renewing your membership today! Your membership means that the Occupational Health Nurses Association (OOHNA) can continue to be an active and strong voice on current issues and trends in the complex world of workplace health and safety and disability management. Membership rates remain the same as well as the Professional Liability Insurance premiums.

We thank you for your past support and look forward to your continued commitment with OOHNA. Please consider renewing your membership so we can continue to have the impact you’ve come to expect from YOUR association!

We accept cheque or credit card whichever is convenient for you.

Members who are renewing their Regular, Associate A and Associate Memberships and have a registered OOHNA web portal profile can renew ONLINE. Enter your username and password, under Registration section click on Create New Registration, select Membership and renew. **Associate members that are interested in adding Professional Liability Insurance to your membership, please contact our office. 

Members who are renewing their Retired/Disability Memberships, will receive their 2018 Membership Application form by mail.

If you still haven't registered your OOHNA Web Portal profile you can download the application here and fax the completed form with your credit card payment confidentially to 416-239-5462 or mail it with your cheque payable to Ontario Occupational Health Nurses Association to 701 Evans Ave., Ste. 504 Toronto, ON M9C 1A3.


  1. If you are completing your application form manually, please check Yes or No for Professional Liability Insurance (PLI). This will prompt OOHNA to alert Marsh Canada to forward your renewal documents via email.
  2. Members who are retiring on or before December 30, 2017 and have purchased 2017 OOHNA/Marsh PLI do not have to purchase insurance as your existing policy will cover you for past incidents.
  3. Members who are retiring after December 30, 2017 will have to purchase one (1) more year of insurance and renew your Regular Membership.